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We help you prevent pressure Injuries and patient falls

We help you prevent pressure Injuries and bed falls

Sensepod represents a remote patient monitoring (RPM) system endowed with the capacity to proficiently avert pressure injuries. This is accomplished through early-stage alerts, facilitating timely repositioning of patients. The system further mitigates patient falls by engaging in continuous monitoring of patient mobility, promptly notifying caregivers of potential bed exits. Additionally, the device offers caregivers the means to swiftly summon assistance in response to patient requirements.

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How does it work?

Patient caring made simple.

Carecan constitutes an all-encompassing solution ecosystem that empowers individuals to deliver the highest caliber of care to their beloved ones. Carecan offers an extensive collection of guided videos, valuable day-to-day tools, and informative articles designed to empower caregivers in delivering the highest standard of care to their cherished individuals. This platform serves as a bridge, addressing the knowledge gap that often exists between caregivers and institutional staff. Moreover, Carecan presents an array of innovative products specializing in pressure injury management, fall prevention, and patient handling. Carecan's mission is to alleviate the caregiving burden while ensuring that the requisite level of care for loved ones is maintained uncompromised.

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Why choose sensepod?

Your Patient's Companion

We believe in creating an environment where both the patient and the caretaker are safe and happy. The environment itself with products like eturnal makes the staff provide the gold standard of care to each and every patient. Eturnal will ensure to assist the staff/caretaker in all the tasks that need to be achieved on a day-to-day basis making them easy and effortless.

Sensepod offers prompt, actionable alerts by notifying staff of potential bed exits, timely repositioning needs, and patient assistance calls.


Mitigate Bed Fall Risks

Sensepod employs an advanced Machine Learning model for continuous monitoring of pressure points, ensuring timely alerts for repositioning interventions.


Pressure Injury Prevention

Incorporated within the system is a dedicated assistance call device, enabling patients to summon caretakers swiftly during emergencies or when in need, with a simple button press.


Nursing Call Assistance

Employing intelligent movement recognition, Sensepod optimizes the necessity for repositioning, consequently reducing the workload on caregivers.


Minimized Manual Repositions


Enhancing Care Accountability

Sensepod maintains a comprehensive history of patient care data, meticulously tracking nurse adherence to protocols. This approach amplifies accountability and transparency in their duties.

Visualize up-to-the-minute user pressure data, facilitating evidence-based, pressure-relieving repositioning strategies.


Real-time Pressure Data

designed with user involvement at every stage

Designed to meet the needs of

Tray of Food

Care Homes

Operation Room


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Palliative Care

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