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We help you prevent
pressure injuries and bedfalls,
all while minimizing your efforts.

Say goodbye to bedsores and bed falls! We offer effortless repositions at the press of a button, helping you prevent bedsores. We can also let you know for potential falls and unassisted bed-exits through early stage notifications. Your loved ones deserve the best care, and we make it simple!

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Our products are used and trusted by the best ✨

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Effortless and Painless
Boosting & Turning
for your patients.


Designed for Hospitals & Clinical Environments

Effortlessly turn patients to any angle and perform everyday procedures as per the protocols with fewer resources and less time.

Easily boost the patient vertically in case of sliding down in head elevated conditions and horizontally boost for patient positioning.

Eliminates the need for labour-intensive patient repositioning, which causes musculoskeletal disorders in Nurses/caregivers.

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Automatic Repositioning of your loved ones at their comfort with zero effort from your side.

Designed for Homes, Care Homes, Palliative


Automated patient turning that eliminates painful and effort intensive manual repositioning for caretakers.

Effective Pressure distribution reduces the risk of bedsores and reduces treatment costs and Length Of Stay (LOS) in Hospitals.

End to sleep deprived nights for both patient and caretaker which otherwise gets affected for manual repositioning.

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Your Ultimate Patient Turning and Repositioning Solution.

Designed for Homes, Hospitals, Care Homes, Palliative Centres


Effortless Vertical Boosting - Effortlessly boost the patient to a more upright position in bed whenever they slide down.

Seamless Horizontal Boosting - Perform easy Horizontal boosting with Layer and its ergonomic handle design for patient positioning.

Ergonomic Lateral Turning - Layer ensures ergonomic & and resource-efficient patient lateral turning making it effortless for caregivers.

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The Most Comfortable Positioning Wedge Support for your loved ones.

Designed for Homes, Hospitals, Care Homes, Palliative Centres


Provides recommended 30-degree angle that complies with the guidelines of the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP).

Reduces the chances of a sacral injury by providing substantial sacral Lift for effective pressure relief and ensures good amount of aeration.

Vedge in multiple combinations can provide comfort position, helps to prevent foot drop, provides heel pressure relief and much more.

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