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the most useful patient handling device ever

Effortless and Painless Boosting & Turning
for your patients.


Eturnal Hospital is a patient repositioning system capable of laterally turning and positioning a patient who is lying in the supine position without manual lifting. It helps healthcare professionals to reposition a patient safely and effectively at the same time upholds the patient's dignity and comfort. in the regular turning of patients to accomplish various tasks such as patient dress changes, bed sheet changes, providing back care, providing pressure relief, etc. Eturnal Hospital can also be used for vertically boosting patients in case they have slid down in head elevated positions. It can also be used for horizontal boosting when the patient's position needs to be corrected.


How does it work?

Eturnal Hospital
Patient Repositioning System

Eturnal Hospital is a result of 5+ years of extensive research in collaboration with more than 30+ Hospitals and 500+ doctors, Nurses, patients, caretakers and other stakeholders. The journey together with all these stakeholders has helped us build a product that genuinely solves their problems, and get their jobs to be done easily every single day.

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