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patient turning and boosting is a real problem

Pressure Injuries pose significant challenges for bedridden patients.

Pressure injuries take just a little pressure, applied continuously on a wheelchair user for less than an hour, to start a chain of negative effects. Wheelchair users who are unable to re-position themselves are more likely to suffer pressure sores. If neglected or untreated, or if underlying health conditions such as Diabetes prevents them from healing, the sores can become life threatening.

real problems

life threatening

Pressure injuries once occurred can be difficult to heal and are prone to infection and other complications.


move every 15 mins

Very difficult to perform moving exercises frequently inorder to shift pressure and also it requires some degree of mobility.


High prevelence

Upto 80% of individuals with SCI will develop pressure ulcers during their lifetime, with 30% developing multiple ulcers

patient turning and boosting at your comfort


Dynamyc is one of its kind anatomy-specific pressure relieving overlay for effective pressure relief for wheelchair patients. The overlay is intelligently designed that is 

Value Proposition
Group 1396.png

prevent bedsores + Reduce Burden of Care

Effectively prevent bedsores, thereby reduce complications and burden of care, reduce treatment cost, reduce length of Stay in Hospitals and Improve quality of life.

The inlet and exit airflow is so designed that the pressure relief is obtained in every cycle. This is well validated using body pressure heat maps.

Evidence based Pressure redistribution

Group 1396.png
Group 1396.png

Don't shift your weights again every 20 min

The complete effort of shifting / lifting weights every 20 minutes either by the patient or by caretaker assistance for sore prevention is completely eliminated by the dynamic overlay system capable of continuously redistributing pressure buildup.

Group 1396.png

Carry it on the go

Portable battery powered system helps to move along wherever the user goes, and provides continuous pressure relief for 8 hours on one charge.


Why Dynamyc works?

Evidence based Pressure redistribution

The algorithm is customised to different individuals with different body weights and anatomy and thereby ensures effective pressure distribution. Enormous amount of testing and iteration with validation tools have resulted in producing consistent results.

Anatomy specific design

The design was uniquely made with thorough understanding of the anatomy of the body, blood vessel flow and nature of bony prominence regions. The design is backed with science of how it is capable of effectively relieving pressure points.

Pressure distribution with dynamyc overlay in action

Pressure distribution without any intervention on wheelchair.

image 107.png
Group 1403.png
Group 1404.png
Group 1405.png
pressure map

Continuous pressure Redistribution

Above Image 1 shows the pressure distribution of a person on a wheelchair without any intervention. Images 2-4 shows the continuous pressure redistribution when the dynamyc wheelchair overlay being used. With its intelligent algorithm and anatomy specific design, the overlay continuously changes the pressure points, eliminating any pressure buildup.

image 120.png
High pressure points

Interface Skin Pressure always less than 32 mm of Hg

dynamyc reaches a maximum of 24.5 mmHg and a minimum of 11.5 mmHg, and 100% of interface pressures during its cycle are all below 32 mmHg*.

*External pressure of more than 33 mm Hg occludes the blood vessel so that the underlying and surrounding tissues become anoxic and if the pressure continues for a critical duration, cell death will occur, resulting in soft tissue necrosis and eventual bedsores.

More Evidence
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