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Building solutions that genuinely helps.

We have consciously taken stride into the realm of healthcare (equipment/devices) to enhance independent living and rekindle the lives of people with limited mobility and assisted living. Cureous Labs aspires to revitalize lives through tailored solutions to the medical requirements of the patients. We dedicate ourselves to surveying and reporting the most pressing issues in the discipline of healthcare and identifying general lessons for the public. We strive to shed new light on pre-existing discussions, new or previously neglected issues and provide veracious perspectives from comparative researches.

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Our mission is to develop effective solutions for preventing bedsores and bed-falls.

Our vision is to empower people of all ages to live independently and achieve their goals.


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our story

Founded in Dec 2019 by a fellow pass-out from the prestigious School of International Biodesign, AIIMS & IIT Delhi. The curiosity to build products that genuinely cure unmet health problems, hence the name Cureous. Together, the team developed a series of innovative products that could serve the needs of the bedridden population in various healthcare settings.

A superior healthcare system ought to ensure coordinated care and protection rather than waiting to treat people when they are ill. We prioritise comprehensive health care for patients who are bedridden and immobile. Choosing our products is not an extra medical cost but a fundamental compensatory advantage. Bedsores could become deadly if left untreated which costs a gargantuan amount for its treatment and could become a low point in the lives of our dear ones! Cureous Lab promises dignified and independent living for the recipients of our services.


We are headquartered in Bangalore and are a team of engineers, designers, developers with diverse backgrounds & skills. Our team is passionate and dedicated to solving some of the biggest problems people with limited mobility and their caretakers face.

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